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Updated: See the Hipster Shuffle in action on YouTube

You may have recently seen the wonderful invention that is the Hipster PDA (hPDA). It is a fantastic innovation that has been adopted by many a GTD follower. But what is the Hipster? Quoted from the Hipster Wikipedia definition:-

“The Hipster PDA is a paper-based personal organizer popularized, if not invented, by San Francisco writer Merlin Mann.”

Here is an example of a Hipster PDA.


Despite its obvious genius, some doubters have suggested that the Hipster PDA isn’t a ‘true PDA’ or even a PDA at all. The non-believers have stated that even though it features limitless battery life, customisable fonts, and true persistance – this all comes at the expense of multimedia functionality. Many Hipster users argue that the hPDA’s simplicity is one of the main factors of its success.

This for some people is not enough.

What is the solution? Some sort of middle ground perhaps. The answer would come from an unlikely source.

Apple have long been known for their creative innovation, and who was to know they had become aware of the ground breaking Hipster and were about to release the ultimate accessory or upgrade. Yes folks, the ultimate mash up of paper and silicon has arrived.
Meet the ultimate upgrade for the Hipster, uncannily referred to by Apple by the codename “iPOD shuffle (2nd generation)” otherwise known as the “Hipster Multimedia Clip”.

Forget the iPhone, Apple have really made a miracle happen here. If you are in any doubt, lets see the Hipster Multimedia Clip in action:-

The Multimedia Hipster clip can also be inversed to have the controls the other way around. See below:-

Its really quite amazing. Wherever you take your Hipster, you also take your music collection. Get in to the groove whilst you GTD.

Upgrade your Hipster to a Hipster Shuffle today with the fabulous Multimedia Hipster Clip. Available now from Amazon – curiously still under its code name iPod shuffle.

See the Hipster Shuffle Video of how it changed my life on YouTube.


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  1. Wow! I got a Hipster Multimedia Clip for Christmas and didn’t even know it! I thought it’s just a gadget to listen music with. Thank you for this valuable piece of information!

  2. It’s pricey, but a lot cheaper than other PDAs. I may have to consider upgrading my paperclip to this newfangled Hipster Multimedia Clip

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