The Start Menu is so last year

I installed an application a couple of months ago that revolutionised how I use my computer. No other utility or application in the Windows XP era has even come close to the sort user experience improvements this application has brought.

So what is it? What’s it called? How much is it?

It is a program launcher called Launchy and it is free.

Program launchers are no secret these days, and I may have come late to the party but WOW what a difference they make. Launchy by default indexes the start menu and your bookmarks, but you can also configure it to index other places, like document/project folders for example.

When you want to launch an application you open Launchy by using a hotkey combination (I use Alt and Space). Then type the first few letters of the application name or bookmark and BOOM, it displays you the most relevant app/bookmark, you press return and it opens. The impressive part is that it adapts and learns what applications you are looking for based on your keystrokes. Here is an example of what I have to type to open my apps.



It is so simple and intuitive, but over the course of a day it saves so much time. I am smitten.

* If you as far behind as I am, and have only just discovered application launchers.

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